Studforlife was born in 2005 from the association of all the passions of Julien Counet, its founder: horses, breeding, jumping and photography.

Exclusive news, easy access to competition results and behind-the-scenes coverage of equestrian sports are the keys to Studforlife's success. In 2020, Studforlife is going digital by integrating the media Jump'inside, founded in 2016 by Théo Caviezel.

The entire history of the Studforlife media can be discovered here.

Studforlife.TV appears to be the logical continuation of this digital turn taken by the media in recent months. On this extension of the historic Studforlife.com website, we will continue to inform you daily about the show jumping world… on video! 

You will also find long reports about people in the shadow of our sport, live interviews, sporting events, archives...

Welcome to the world of Studforlife!


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